Laboratory of Innovative Polymer Materials

3D printing, 3D scanning, Scientific studies
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About us

We are a developing laboratory of additive technologies and polymer materials. Our main goal is to develop, test and implement in agricultural engineering products from polymeric and composite materials, as well as to study the properties of materials and structures obtained by additive manufacturing methods

Our capabilities

3D printing and scanning
3D printing by FDM, SLS, SLA technologies on Picaso, TotalZ, FormLabs, and Sinterit printers allows polymer parts production with different geometry and shapes. 3D scanning is used to create three-dimensional models of real objects with complex geometry.

Vacuum casting
The vacuum casting machine KLM V 400A is a complete device for the vacuum casting technology of two-component polyurethanes. The technology is suitable for the production of mockups, functional prototypes and small series of products.

Filament production
Own extrusion line allows to produce with high productivity filament for 3D printing from thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PLA, Flex, Hips, Nylon, PETG, PC and others.
Scientific research
Our laboratory offers equipment for measuring viscosity, hardness, moisture absorption, wear resistance and many other mechanical as well as physical properties of polymer materials.
Recent completed projects
Watch the videos about our work
The videos demonstrate work on additive equipment: filament extrusion line, 3D printers, working on technologies FDM, SLA and SLS, and reviewed the basic principles of preparing three-dimensional models in specialized software for their subsequent printing.
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